Aleksander Essex

Assistant Professor

Software Engineering

Hi, I'm Aleks.

I'm an assistant professor of software engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Western University researching topics in cyber security and applied cryptography. I run Whisper Lab, the Western Information Security and Privacy Research laboratory.

Online Voting: What's at Stake?


I use cryptography to help answer important questions involving personal and private data using something called secure multi-party computation.

This approach lets two or more people combine the analytical power of their data to compute things of mutual importance, without learning anything more about each other than the result of the computation itself. Here are some of the applications I'm working on:
  • Privacy-preserving Health Informatics
    Developing technology that can help medical researchers get access to important health data while working within privacy laws .
  • Trustworthy Electronic Voting
    Providing proof to voters their ballot was counted without revealing to anyone how they voted.
  • Digital Currency
    Working toward a secure, decentralized, alternative monetary system.

My Background

Why Secure Online Voting is So Hard

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